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Prairie Design with Pergola

Prairie Design with Pergola

For the past couple of weeks we have been transforming a garden in Brentry for some new home owners who have moved there from the midlands. They are keen gardeners with an allotment and were used to having a large garden at their last home. They wanted their new garden to be a place that they could relax and work in an easy way.

First off I went in the week prior to the boys started landscaping to dig out plants that we wanted to keep for the final planting plan. It was a rainy grey day but our customer was very hands on and wanted to help me. We shared a good couple of hours in the garden chatting and digging – great therapy during these uncertain times!

Ali’s design was to replace the old paving with a new semi circular patio that would wrap around the back corner of the house with a raised bed running around it. Our customer is very keen to have prairie style planting in her garden, and although the garden can be quite shady at times with the sun being blocked out by the height of the house, there are lots of perennials, grasses and annuals that would work well in this situation.

The wooden corner seat in the back of the garden was to be kept, along with the green house. The shed was moved and kept also, with a new wooden bin store being created by the garden gate entrance.

Due to the height of the building the pergola that the boys created is high, which off sets the large area of wall space. It will look fantastic with vigorous rambling roses climbing up it, which don’t mind shade and will spread over it.

On top of the new wooden bin store a green roof was created. It will look lovely once the sedum is planted and starts to spread.

The old boundary fence was taken down and replaced with a new one. This has really lightened up the area as it was quite heavy and dark beforehand.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this garden once it’s cleaned up next week. I will then be returning to plant things in the ground that we initially put in pots. In the spring we will plant up grasses and perennials when the soil has warmed up. I can’t wait for that.

Denham pebbles from Bowland Stone were used to fill in around the stepping stones and raised beds. They go with the paving and colour of the house really well. Check in with us next week to see final photos of this garden on the Our Work section of our website!