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Prairie Garden Design Part 2

Prairie Garden Design Part 2

Apart from the prairie planting – mixed perennials and grasses which will be planted in the spring, this garden is now completed. After the hard landscaping was finished, a week or so later I went back to work on the planting plan with the owner, Sue. She is a keen gardener and we both enjoyed getting stuck in on the plants on a wintry morning on the run up to Christmas.

Prior to the landscaping taking place I had initially worked on the garden with Sue, digging up shrubs and perennials that she wanted to keep. We potted them up and put them to one side whilst the landscaping work got under way. With these plants in mind I have been drawing up a rough planting plan in my mind over the past couple of months. Have a look at the first part of this garden here on our blog.

Working on the garden is a great way to become fully immersed in the space and to get a vision for which plants will sit well together. So, whilst we worked we chatted about her thoughts, plants that she particularly loves and would like in her garden, added with my ideas and plant list that I had written up to discuss with her.

The ochre hue of the Cotswold Stone used to make the low raised beds and water feature really compliment the grey limestone paving which sweeps around the house.

A horse shoe is always a great to have a lucky horse shoe in the garden as a talisman!

We planted some existing herbs, Heucheras and Cranesbill geraniums in the raised beds and will also add grasses, salvias, geums and other shorter growing perennials. Plus some easy annuals like poppies and long flowering nasturtiums. Behind the raised bed will be the higher growing grasses and perennials in the prairie area. The other border is to have a variety of shrubs, such as Hydraneas, Skimmia japonica, Rhododendrons and an Acer near the seating area.

I transplanted two Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) into the ground to grow up the new fence by Bristol based Heritage Fencing. These were already doing well in the shade her in a planter. Now that they’ve got more space to grow they should fill up a good deal of this fence.

We mixed in composted bark as we planted and will also include grit to the prairie border in the spring. It was nice to see the sedum green roof again. It looks really good on the bin store and will attract lots of wildlife to the garden.

At the end of the day we tidied up and I gave the paving a good jet wash. It was lovely seeing it shine with the twinkling of the lights, installed by KC Electrical, as the sun went down.

Come back to us in the spring, to when we’ll update you with the new prairie planting! Have a look on the Our Work section of our website to see full completed photos of this design.

Denham Pebbles from Bowland Stone work really well in the gaps surrounding the stepping stones and around the raised beds. Have a look on their website for more information on the variety that they sell.