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Preliminary Gardening Prior to Landscaping

Preliminary Gardening Prior to Landscaping

This week whilst the boys have been hard at work on other landscaping jobs, I made a start on a new garden that we’ll start landscaping next week. The owner was keen to save some of the plants already in the garden before the landscaping begins, so I went in to discuss and dig up plants that could either be used in the final planting plan, or that could be used at the owner’s allotment, or given to friends and family.

I always feel a bit sad when plants have to go to the great compost in the sky, so it was great that our customer was so keen to keep some of them. It was a rainy old day, so I was really pleased when our customer said she wanted to help me. We both discussed how great gardening is as a therapy, and although rain poured down we enjoyed potting up plants and chatting about our lives, and gardening!

The whole garden will be completely transformed with a sweeping lawn, prairie style planting, pergola and new patio. Whilst I was there I enjoyed thinking about the planting plan and which grasses, perennials and annuals would work well. After the landscaping work this winter, we’ll be planting it up in the spring, as the customer is keen to pay in two parts.

We always strive to offer bespoke packages for customers, so that we can work in line with their finances, as well as planting at different times of the year. This is of course beneficial to mediterranean plants, grasses and a variety of other sun worshippers who prefer to be planted when British soil is not so water logged and has had a chance to warm up in the spring.

I can’t wait to see how this garden is going to change over the next few weeks. I know that our customer is excited about it, and so are we. Come back next week to see how things are going!