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Protect Your Garden During Winter

Protect Your Garden During Winter

Protect Your Garden During Winter

Protect your garden through to the spring…

Make sure that pots in the garden are off the ground, on ‘feet’ to stop water-logging over the winter months. Group pots together near a wall for added shelter and warmth. Alternatively, move them into a greenhouse, shed, or wrap them up to protect against cracking.

A good tip for bird lovers, is to hang bird feeders near to Roses. This way, whilst the birds are feeding they will also eat off any over-wintering pests!

Watering equipment like hoses can split in cold temperatures, so move them into the shed or indoors for protection.

This past week I’ve been spending a lot of time raking up leaves, where slugs can be hiding. Rake up leaves and store them in a bag/compost cage/ back of the garden – they will compost down into the most fabulous leaf mould. For the best quality leaf mould the leaves need to decay for two years. Leaf mould younger than this can be used as mulch or for covering bare soil in the winter. Leaf mould is a great conditioner and helps to improve the texture and aeration of the soil. Weeds can develop in leaf mould, so be cautious and perhaps use in particular areas of the garden that you aren’t too precious about.

The best leaves for the highest quality leaf mould are Oak, Beech and Hornbeam.