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Raised Bed Planting

Raised Bed Planting

A few weeks ago we laid new turf in this Bristol garden. The customer was pleased with how quickly it transformed their space and asked us to help them plant up the raised beds.

The left hand side border gets more sun throughout the day and the back border has more shade, so we chose suitable plants for both aspects. Firstly we pulled out weeds and a few straggly plants that had seen better days. The beds were then dug over prior to placing out the plants.

We cut back the Fatsia japonica that was encroaching on the bed a bit too much, and took off an arm of Corkscrew Willow that was over hanging the neighbours garden.

We chose Alchemilla mollis, some Ferns, Hebes and Cranesbill Geraniums for the shadier part of the garden, as well as moving some Lily of the Valley into a more appropriate spot.

In the sunnier side we planted evergreen grasses throughout the bed, so that they will appear to wind their way through the rest of the plants. We planted a variety of herbs such as Lavender, Purple Sage, Thyme and Oregano as the customer was keen to use them for cooking. We also planted Stachys byzantina / Lamb’s Ears which will look beautiful rising up and falling over the edges of the raised beds.

It was a really fun little garden to work in and I’m sure that the customer will get lots of joy from it when the plants develop and grow. Check back in with us next week to see what else we’ve been up to!