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Rejuvenating an Old Lawn

Rejuvenating an Old Lawn

For the first half of this week a one of our teams worked on rejuvenating an old lawn in Bishopston. The customer had an extension and patio created by a different company during the spring. The lawn was very low, uneven and threadbare from the building work that had taken place. We went in to rectify this.

We started off by removing the old brick edging, and then scalped the lawn. The level of the lawn needed to be raised so that it would be at the same height as the paving. Over the course of 3 days we brought in 11 tonnes of top soil from Bowland Stone – through a garage and down steep steps, which wasn’t the easiest of access.

The soil was graded to create a gradual slope with EverEdge edging hammered in hold in the lawn and to define the borders. The customer is planting up the borders and adding stepping stones themselves at a later date.

Once we had the levels right we brought in 45 rolls of turf from Craig West Turf, Avonmouth. It was really hot turfing this garden but we were very pleased with the outcome of the finished lawn. Once the new borders are planted up it will look beautiful! To see the finished photos of this new lawn have a look on the Our Work section.