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Sandstone Cobbled Driveway

Sandstone Cobbled Driveway

Our customer in Emerson’s Green required a bigger space for parked cars, and a focal point and definition for the front garden. So we took up the lawn to make way for a sandstone cobbled driveway.

As it is a north facing garden the grass didn’t grow very well, so making better use of the space seemed like the best way forward. It does take longer to lay cobbles than a paved driveway, but the beauty of it once completed outweighs this.

Whilst the cobbles were being laid the borders were being prepared. A Copper Beech hedge was planted along the front boundary, with an Ornamental Pear (Pyrus chanticleer) planted as a focal point, which could also been seen from inside the lounge.

Sandstone cobbled edging was laid along the boundary with their neighbour, so that when they stepped out of their cars they wouldn’t be stepping on the soil. This looks really good juxtaposed with the main driveway.

The main border will be planted up in the spring, with shade loving plants such as Epimediums, Ferns and Cranesbill Geraniums.

We really enjoyed working on this front garden and driveway. It looks smart, welcoming and makes the space more functional.