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Semi Circle Garden Design Nears Completion

Semi Circle Garden Design Nears Completion

This past week it’s been all hands on deck to get this garden completed. The team set to work levelling the soil inline with the stepping stones and edges, turfing the lawn, up-cycling the existing pergola and cutting the decking to shape.

After some days of heavy down pours, thankfully the rolls of turf arrived with the ground dry and ready. After a final raking to sift out any large stones the team got to work laying the turf.

The rolls were brought in, so that the turf could be laid from the front to back, this was to enable us to start cleaning down the porcelain paving.

We used the jet wash initially to clean the porcelain, but it will take a few clean ups until the end of the job to have it sparkling.

Whilst the turf was being laid the boys cut the decking into a circle, which will be finished off with a fascia surrounding the edge.

New pieces of timber were brought in to create additional cross beams. Notches were cut and the cross beams were shaped and slotted into position. Up-cycling this pergola is cost effective for the customer and helps lessen the transport and amount of material going to the dump.

Whilst all of these finishing touches were taking place Joey and George started to point the porcelain paving with Norcros Adhesives Wall and Floor Grout. This has been designed to use with natural stone where the joint is narrow and a fine texture is required. The tiles are cleaned down whilst the grout paste is wiped into the joints.

Just a day or two to work on it next week and this garden will be finished. Come back and check it out, it’s going to look fantastic!