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Semi Circle Garden Design

Semi Circle Garden Design

A lot has happened in this garden since our post last week. A timber screen has been created around the concrete base where the new shed will be placed. Timber screens are a great way to create a vertical space for climbers, to make another ‘room’ in the garden, or block off unsightly areas. They allow light and air through and look modern and stylish.

The semi circle design incorporating the retaining wall brings cohesion to the garden as your eye follows around it. The existing border now looks more defined.

Coffee composite decking has now been added on top of the timber frame, it looks great. I can already imagine the couple who live here enjoying a summer’s lunch under the pergola.

There are going to be two pathways through the semi circle in this beautiful garden design by Bristol based designer, Caroline Harrison. One path will go to the shed and the other to the decking. The stepping stones are laid out whilst soil is brought through to level off the lawn area.

This garden is progressing really well and I can’t wait to see it when I come back from holiday at the end of next week. If you’d like to see how it started out, have a look on our previous posts Large Porcelain Patio and Circular Decked Pergola.