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A Social Practical Garden

A Social Practical Garden

Recently at Secret Garden Landscaping, we’ve had the opportunity to design and build a garden with some really interesting new features. The clients wanted a garden that could be used for socialising with friends and family. Also, they were interested in having an area where they could grow their own fruit and vegetables, store wood and to have a new lawn, so that little ones could play on it.

The first new item to be included in the garden was a timber pergola. This structure was built using the wood from English larch trees. A benefit of this was that the timber didn’t need to be treated with wood preserver, as the larch naturally has resin in it which prolongs its lifespan. Larch has a beautiful and rich colour making it an attractive feature of the garden. The wood for the pergola was specially cut to size for us by the timber merchant, so that we could have chunky and robust pieces of wood. Once the posts had been set into the ground, we attached two supporting beams and then notched timbers on to these. The finished structure provided a climbing frame for existing creeping plants and a lovely place to sit under.

One of the requirements of the client was to try and incorporate as many existing materials into the new garden. A way in which we did this, was to gather as many items as we could and use them in the new patio. The client didn’t want a regular patio with just one type of paving slab, but to have a patio that consisted of the materials that we found in the garden. The result was a patio that had new sandstone slabs, re-claimed bricks, a mixture of stones and pebbles. It blended into the garden and was really interesting, as there were many different shapes to look at, rather than a uniform pattern.

Another structure that we designed and built was a timber wood shed. The clients had a wood burning stove and wanted a place in the garden where they could store the wood. Rather than just covering the wood pile with plastic, we decided to build a wood shed. The idea was for it to be both practical, by keeping the wood dry, and also it would become one of the features of the garden. The structure was built using timber posts and beams, with a roof covered with western red cedar shingle tiles. The tiles were the main feature of the wood shed as they have a lovely rustic appearance.

Once we had built the main features of the garden, we tied it all together by laying a new lawn and edging it with sandstone tiles. Also we planted a mixture of plants, including some aromatic herbs around the new seating area.

The overall effect was a garden that was practical and looked great. It had structures that complimented each other making the new garden feel fun and exciting.