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Some Beauties to See Us Through December

Some Beauties to See Us Through December

Some Beauties to See Us Through December

Witch Hazel ‘Pallida’

I love white and yellow flowers that shine out of the dark days of winter. Here are a few beauties that will see us through December…

Witch Hazel ‘Pallida’ – Hammamelis x intermedia ‘Pallida,’ is a large deciduous shrub with sulphur yellow flowers in autumn and winter. Scent follows in late winter. They grow to a maximum of 4m height and spread in full sun or partial shade. They really make a statement in the garden with their spidery-looking flowers.

Winter Aconite – Eranthis hyemalis, is a small perennial that grows to a height of 10cm with beautiful yellow flowers during winter and spring. Grows best in a humus rich soil in full sun to partial shade. Doesn’t like to dry out.

Honeysuckle ‘Winter Beauty’ – Lonicera x purpusii,’ is the most floriferous of all honeysuckles, and has fragrant, creamy white flowers on bare branches in the winter. Full sun to partial shade, grows to a height and spread of 2.5m.

Winter Jasmine – Jasminum numiforum, is a medium sized deciduous plant that offers acid yellow flowers from November on long arching branches. Full sun to partial shade, on well drained soil.

Sweet Box or Christmas Box – Sarococca confusa, has dark evergreen, glossy foliage that looks great year round. In the winter months the fragrant white flowers are followed by black berries. Grows to a maximum height of 1.5m and are perfect for containers. Can be clipped into cloud topiary and used for hedging.