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Steep Bristol Garden Design

Steep Bristol Garden Design

This past week the team have been ripping out lots of old concrete in a steep back garden in St. Andrews. The people that live there want a more family friendly garden, as at present it is quite hazardous for children and adults.

Although we’ve had some down pours and gales, the weather on the whole has been dry and sunny, which has meant the team have really cracked on with the job. Old wooden steps come down from the garage at the very top of the garden, onto a levelled area and then down more steps to the ground floor with the back door.

The paving started to be laid whilst raised bed areas were dug out above the patio – a lot of heavy clay was removed! The frame for the decking was built too, which will make a good platform for lunches in the sun.

You can see from the design images that Ali created how it will look further down the line. It’s going to be a real transformation.

The timber framed pergola with sweeping pathway is going to look fantastic, and the safer, easier to navigate steps are going to make the garden more accessible and functional. The lawn will be a good place for the children to play and lush planting in the raised beds will give depth to make the area appear bigger. Vertical and terraced planting is always a good idea.

Come back next time to see how this Bristol garden is coming along!