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Summer Landscaping

Summer Landscaping

This past week or so we’ve been working on a garden in Fishponds, Bristol. First off, timber framed, composite decking was built outside of the back door of the house, along with another raised decked area the opposite side of the garden with built in raised beds and balustrade. A shade sail is going to be added to the timber posts.

Next a low wall on the right hand side of the garden had to be smashed out along with two old pathways running down each side of the garden being ripped up.

George and I got busy with sledgehammers and the breaker bar…

Temperatures soared this week and we found ourselves working in blazing sunshine, but working in a team of five scalping the lawn was fun, with good momentum!

We all finished that day very hot and grimy but with a sense of achievement. This garden is going to look amazing when it’s completed shortly with a new lawn and all the finishing touches. Come back to us next time to see it completed.