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Summer Team Work

Summer Team Work

We’ve been working on this large urban garden in Fishponds for the second half of the summer. There have been a variety of changes made during the process, and now it’s almost complete. If you’d like to see photos of how it was before we started landscaping it have a look on an earlier blog post here.

Team Glen did the majority of the work, digging out the pathway, an upper patio area outside the house, and a lower circular patio further down the garden, not to mention a lot of paving that had to be carried in. The rest of the Secret Garden team got stuck in at various points along the way, delivering materials, collecting waste and working on the fence and constructing the pathway.

Ballast and sand were laid as bases for the pathway and patios, and was then whacked down into place. Steps were constructed with Grey Limestone paving added throughout the design.

It’s been such a dry summer and we’ve been very lucky with the weather, not having to wade through a sea of mud, which has been good. Fence panels from Heritage Fencing were dropped into place.

Once the patios had been laid we got to work on the herringbone pathway. Originally a curved path was to be included but this was changed to a straight one. Once plants are added along the pathway border it will soften the edges. Pavers in Autumn and Brindle along with newly made star edgers from Bowland Stone were used in the construction of the path. They look very effective.

The boys worked meticulously on the pathway, cutting tiny pieces with the disc cutter, to fit into place alongside the pavers. It really is a beautiful thing to watch.

Forty rolls of turf were laid – a border will be cut into the left hand side of the garden when the customer decides on the shape. The tops of the fence posts need to be cut off before we finish this job, but it’s almost there. Come back next week to see the completed garden!