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Urban Garden Design

Urban Garden Design

We’ve been working on this residential garden in Bedminster for a couple of weeks. The family that live here wanted it to be child-friendly with a focus on wildlife and a space to grow vegetables with their children.

The front and back garden wrap around a corner of the house so we were keen to join these together so that the garden would sweep and flow, making it easier to enjoy.

We started out by ripping out lots of old paving and scalping the worn out lawn in the front garden. A curved breeze block wall was created to the left, with an almond shaped gap for a pond.

A long raised bed was created out of recycled scaffolding boards at the back of the area to be paved.

The ground was levelled with a base layer added prior to paving commencing.

We used sandstone paving and added in breeze block steps to make the patio easier access for the children. A new drain was also included.

Once the tops of the steps and wall were paved, with the pond liner being added the back garden really began to take shape.

The wall will be rendered and painted towards the end of the project. Now that the back garden was well underway the team brought their attention to the front garden. A trench was dug for a new paved pathway with a border behind it.

The sandstone paving really blends the back and front gardens together. The ground will be prepared in the front garden, whilst all the garden waste is taken away. Next week we’ll be turfing the front lawn, so make sure you check back in with us to see this garden completed!