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Urban Rental Garden Design Part Two

Urban Rental Garden Design Part Two

This week we’ve cracked on with finishing this garden that we started last week. Thankfully the weather was dry all week, which is always a bonus when you have soil to prepare and turf to lay.

Firstly we dug trenches and laid sandstone cobbles for the edging to go around the lawn. This carried around the new concrete shed base that we built last week.

Once we had pointed in between the gaps of the cobbles we levelled the soil again, and threw the surplus soil into the borders. The borders were then prepared ready for planting.

Whilst I was preparing the borders and laying out the plants into their positions Louis and George laid the turf. I added some grit to the south facing border where lavender, thyme and grasses were to be planted to give them better drainage.

We planted a variety of low maintenance shrubs – Cornus for winter interest, evergreen shrubs such as Pittosporum, and Hydrangeas for their shade tolerant property. The Ash trees in the lane shade out a large part of this garden, so shade tolerant plants such as Heuchera, Alchemilla mollis and Cranesbill Geraniums were key.

The owners of the property are really pleased with the new garden for their tenants, and I should think that the tenants will be excited to see it upon their return from their holiday next week.