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Urban Rental Garden Design

Urban Rental Garden Design

The owner of this house and garden has moved to London and are renting out their property to some friends. They are keen to make the garden a nicer space for the new family to enjoy, and want it improved with low maintenance being the key concern.

Unfortunately the Weeping Birch was a bit too large for the space and took up a lot of light, so our first point of call was to take it out. It’s always sad to remove a tree, but the next-door neighbour is using it for firewood. Waste not, want not and birch is a really good wood for burning.

The other initial job was to scalp the lawn. We use spades and a Dutch hoe for this task. The Dutch hoe is such a great all round tool. Using it to lift turf makes the process much easier and quicker.

Once the garden was scalped we set out the edging stones to see which design the customer would like. Firstly we used them to set out  curved borders, but after seeing photos the customer decided they would prefer straight edges in the garden.

We repositioned the cobbles, butting them up to the existing circular patio at the bottom of the garden. We will plant the far end of the garden with shade loving shrubs and perennial plants. A new tree will be placed where the old one stood, probably an Amelanchier or small Cherry tree.

We created a concrete base under the window at the top of the garden for a low shed, this is always a nice task when working in the sun.

Whilst we were working on the back garden, we also made a start on the front garden. Day lilies and weeds had taken it over. The customer wanted us to take it all out, and plant low maintenance plants through gravel. This will be done next week. I’m looking forward to seeing both of these gardens next week after we’ve done more hard and soft landscaping.