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Veg out in the garden

Veg out in the garden

At secret garden we are we are preparing the ground for seed beds (weather permitting) and ordering in vegetable seeds for sowing. This is a great time for planning changes to your garden while everything is still mainly dormant. We are now offering a free design consultation taking a special look at decorative vegetable borders and wildlife areas, as well as all the usual elements of garden design, such as paved seating areas, pergolas for climbers and water features to name but a few.

To really prepare for the months to come why not try these things:

1.      Clean and sterilise pots and seed trays.

2.      Sow carrots, parsnips and bulb onions under cloches..

3.      Clean and sterilise your green house and cold frames.

4.      Chit potato tubers ready for planting around Easter.

5.      Sow salad crops under glass.

6.      Protect soft fruit tree blossom from frosts.

7.      Give roses a final prune.

8.      Protect soft fruit bushes with nets, or a cage construction.

9.      Mulch borders and get ahead with weeding.

10.  Identify areas in the garden that are suitable for fruit and vegetable planting.

As the spring moves on into summer the planting of vegetables intensifies plant frost tender plants such as squashes, pumpkins, potatoes and courgettes. Keep planting salad crops and prune new growth on fruit trees back to two or three buds after the blossom. Keep an eye out for pest and diseases as the temperature rises and treat quickly before any damage is done. The secret of good vegetable growing is to be organised, informed, clean, tidy and proactive.

Most important of all is to enjoy your little piece of the outdoors at this wonderful time of year that never ceases to surprise and inspire us as the ground, plants and animals spring into life..