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Willsbridge Mill – Change of Seasons in the Fairy Woodland

Willsbridge Mill – Change of Seasons in the Fairy Woodland

In August I took my husband and daughter Eve to see the fairy woodland that we helped create at Willsbridge Mill. During long days working in isolation there during the start of lock down I imagined seeing Eve’s face as she ran around the woods. So, being able to finally show her was a real joy.

The cool breeze in the woods was very welcome during a hot summer’s day. It’s such a beautiful place – we enjoyed wandering up the pathways that I had created, looking low for fairy doors and up high at wind chimes, bird and bat boxes.

I particularly love the hedgehog cairn that they’ve built out of large stones that we dug up whilst planting the native hedge boundary. The little mushrooms are very sweet, with the archimedes screw in the background. Have a look on our previous post about this.

They’ve done a lovely job on the fairy grotto. Whilst we were there Mike was creating a mushroom bank, which can be seen below right. The grotto has fairies and woodland animals inside – lots for young children to look for and enjoy. It has a solar powered waterfall and lights, which are turned on during the weekends – when the cafe is open and they are at their busiest.

Now that Autumn is here and the change of season is finally upon us, George and I went back to the fairy woodland to complete Secret Garden’s part of the project this week. It was a rather wet day, but we stayed fairly dry under the canopy of the trees. We planted Bluebell bulbs in the Bluebell Glade, Sicilian Honey Garlic in the Fairy Hat Glade, and Snowdrops and Primroses in the area closest to the entrance.

Bluebell bulbs.

Whilst we were planting hundreds of bulbs it was great to see the native hedge developing and growing. The whole site is really coming together and we feel very proud to have been part of creating it, and say a big thank you to Willsbridge Mill for having us onboard.

Native hedge boundary line.

I can’t wait to return to the fairy woodland in the spring to see the beauty of the flowers, with children running by, free and happy. Have a look on Willsbridge Mill website to see further information if you wish to visit.

Primrose plugs waiting to be planted.